Healing Hearts Ministry Vision

I'd like to give you a summarized breakdown of the Vision of Healing Hearts Ministry: We know that this Mission rests in the Vision God has given us.

  • The Community Vision — which involves reaching out to women within the communities and meeting their needs right where they are.
  • The Church Vision — which involves implementing the Healing Hearts class that will minister to Christian and community women.
    We see God setting up these classes in churches in many communities which will give women the opportunity to attend wherever they are.
  • The Jail and Prison Vision — which involves offering a Healing Hearts class the women can attend within their temporary environment. When they are released Healing Hearts is available to them through a program within the Organization that helps them with the transition back into the community. As these women become a part of the community, we see them also becoming a part of God's Church.
  • The Thrift-full Hearts Project — is a thrift store that will generate funds for the women and families in need within Pasco County.
  • The Healing Hearts House of Hope Vision — this will offer transitional housing for women who need a place to stay while they receive help getting a job, finding a permanent home, and, with many, help in receiving their children back.

We desire to show these women how they can live a balanced and productive life, because we know and believe that God has created them, as He did us, for a great purpose.

Healing Hearts is a mission in it's own community. We are ministering to those with needs, such as:

  1. Homelessness,
  2. Hunger and Thirst,
  3. Nakedness,
  4. Prostitution,
  5. Homosexuality,
  6. Drug addictions,
  7. Alcoholism,
  8. Being in Jail/prison,
  9. Having your children taken away from you, and
  10. And, those who are simply struggling with issues that may not be as visible.

Ministry of Healing Hearts is not a crutch and does not intend to enable others to continue in the life they are living. We offer them Jesus and desire to do what He would do for these women.