The Community Vision

Involves reaching out to women and their families within the communities and meeting their needs right where they are.

Healing Hearts is a Mission in it's Own Community

We are ministering to those with needs, such as: Homelessness, hunger and thirst, nakedness, and those who are simply struggling with issues that may not be as visible.

The Ministry of Healing Hearts is not a crutch and does not intend to enable others to continue in the life they are living. We offer them Jesus and desire to do what He would do for them.

Testimonials of Those We Serve

"This class and book has opened my mind and way of thinking about how to raise my daughter in this day and age. I love the book that was used in this class (Breakthrough Parenting). I don’t like to read and I enjoyed every minute of it. It taught me that not all the ways our parents raised us is always the right way. I would recommend Ms. Linda to others." Katrina L.

"Excellent job, great classroom environment, very clean, and I took home some great ‘Ah Ha’s!’ I have never heard of anyone say anger, when properly managed, can actually be helpful. Also, I now understand that anger has to be expressed and if not it ends in depression. I use many of these methods and will continue to do so." Christine W.